How to Transition your Kitchen from Christmas to Winter

January 4, 2022

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It can be tricky to decide how to decorate after the Christmas decor has come down. My goal with decorating after the Holidays is to make it warm and inviting, and the kitchen is the perfect space to do this. Here are my favorite ideas to transition your kitchen from Christmas to Winter!

  1. Display fresh fruit

This is such an easy and inexpensive way make your kitchen feel inviting. I like to display oranges on a cake stand, which adds color to our kitchen and makes it look pretty. You could also display lemons and limes.

Pro Tip: Make Pomander Balls using oranges and cloves! Not only will the oranges look great, but they will make your kitchen smell delicious.

  1. Keep the winter greenery

Use your leftover winter greenery to display in your kitchen. I like using cedar and juniper, but you could also use pine, blue spruce, and silver dollar eucalyptus.

Pro Tip: If you want to avoid the mess that comes with fresh winter greenery, opt for faux. It will look just as great, but with less mess!

  1. Add moody still life prints 

I love printing my own art at home. It’s easy to find a variety of art on Etsy that’s reasonably priced. You can search ‘Winter prints’ to find some amazing pieces.

Pro Tip: Use wood toned frames, which will help warm up your kitchen.

  1. Use warm colored kitchen towels

This one makes such a difference! I typically like using light colored kitchen towels, but in the winter months I like mixing it up with some olive or caramel colored towels.

Pro Tip: Shop for kitchen towels early before the holiday season so you can use them through the holidays and into the winter season!

  1. Make some stovetop potpourri

I love me some stovetop potpourri! It is so easy to whip up, makes your home smell great and it’s easily made with ingredients you probably already have.

Pro Tip: Don’t just make stovetop potpourri during the winter, make it year-round to make your home smell amazing.

 Happy Decorating!

Check out my tips on transitioning your fireplace mantel from Christmas to Winter here. 

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