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Intentional Design for a home you love 

Jessica belteau home

I fell in love with interior design in 2019 when we purchased our first home. It was a complete fixer that needed a lot of love. It took us several years to renovate it, and through this process, I learned to embrace progress over perfection.

Our home renovation didn’t come without its challenges, but that’s what I loved about it! We were working with a very limited budget and learning new skills every day. From simple DIY’s to more complicated projects, we loved every minute of it!

Hi, I'm Jessica!


Cozy spaces, earthy tones, boucle furniture, vintage pieces, fresh greenery, thoughtfully designed outdoor spaces. 

I believe that having the home of your dreams is attainable for anyone and any budget. 

I started this site as a place to share DIY’s, home finds & home décor inspiration. I also work with clients in-person & virtually to help them love their current home through intentional design. 

During my free time, you’ll find me outdoors on a hike or enjoying a cup of coffee at a local coffee shop!

Thanks for stopping by.

I'm passionate about creating beautiful & functional spaces that reflect the people living in them.