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This IKEA dresser hack is so easy and perfect for anyone to try! I was looking for a specific type of dresser, but I couldn’t find one within budget. That’s when I decided I would hack an IKEA dresser. It’s amazing how a little decorative moulding, paint and new hardware completely transformed this piece! Here […]

From Our Home to Yours

WElcome to the blog

Thanks for stopping by. This is where I share DIY's, home renovation & home decor inspiration. 

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With Fall approaching soon, I’ve rounded up some of my favorite Fall home décor finds for this season. I lean toward neutral fall decor (no surprise here lol) with some moodier pieces sprinkled throughout. Also, can’t forget the pumpkins!

Fall Decor

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Do you struggle to decorate your bathroom? This post is for you, friend!

If you’ve been following me for a while, you know that I was working on a powder room remodel a few months ago. We’ve since then sold our house, so I hadn’t gotten around to revealing the transformed space. I still wanted to share it with you & this post felt like the perfect place to do it!

The key to decorating your bathroom is to keep it simple! I like to leave plenty of counter space open while adding just a few décor items to make it feel inviting. Keep reading for my best tips on decorating a bathroom!

Powder Bathroom

  1. Replace your regular hand towels with Turkish hand towels

This might seem like a small change, but not only does it make a difference aesthetically, but also to the overall experience of using that bathroom. Turkish towels are much more delicate than regular towels and softer on the skin. A bonus, they also come in fun patterns that can add a designer look to your bathroom!

  1. Use a pretty diffuser

I like to place the diffuser on the back of the toilet or on shelving if the bathroom has it. I usually select a diffuser that doesn’t have an overpowering smell, but just something that adds a light fragrance to the room. Not only will your bathroom look pretty, but it’ll smell good too!

Bathroom Details

  1. Swap out your hardware (towel bar & toilet paper holder)

This is an inexpensive way to give your bathroom a designer look. Bonus points if you can swap out the toilet handle to match the rest of the accessories!

  1. Add a pop of green

In my opinion, greenery can really soften the look of a bathroom. I personally prefer faux greenery, but fresh greenery would be a nice touch too! I make sure that the size of the vase and greenery is appropriate for the size of the vanity. For example, in a master bath with a large countertop area, I would opt for a taller arrangement. Whereas with a smaller sink, I would select a bud vase.

Bathroom Mirror and Pedestal Sink

  1. Don’t forget the wall art!

I never used to put wall art in our bathrooms, but now I can’t do without it! My rule of thumb with wall art for bathrooms is to select a neutral piece. Another tip I like sharing is to match your frames with the accessories in the room. It will make the space feel cohesive!

As always, thanks for stopping by! Happy decorating.

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Neutral Living Room

I’m so excited you’ve landed here because today, I’m officially launching my e-design services! This is something I’ve been considering doing for some time and really got the push when I had the honor of helping a friend design their living room earlier this year.

My passion for interior design began when we purchased our first home a few years ago. We did an extensive renovation, which was completed in a little over 2 years. I learned so much through this experience including how to source materials, how to use interior design software, and how to effectively coordinate and communicate with Contractors. My second passion is helping others, so to me, e-design is the perfect combination of both!

If you have a space that you need help designing, I’d love to connect with you. You can learn more about my services by visiting the Design Services Page.

I look forward to working with you!